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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Combat Patrol Revisited 9 July 2013

A group of us had a couple of games of Combat Patrol last night. The event was organized by Rueben and 4 500 pt patrols converged on the Outpost for some friendly dice rolling.

Basic rules:

500 points force
Min F.O.C of 1 HQ and 1 Troop, the rest as per codex restrictions
No models with more than 2 wounds
No models with armour saves better than 3+ or Invulnerable saves better than 4+
Vehicles armour Front, Side and Rear totals cannot be more than 33


Rueben - Space Marines
Lawrence - Chaos Space Marines
Kenneth - Chaos Space Marines
Patrick - Chaos Space Marines

Game 1 saw Ruebens loyalists facing off against Lawrence's traitors. The game was memorable for all the 1s Lawrence kept rolling.

In the second game we decided to pair up and fight a 1k a side battle with Rueben and Lawrence on one side and Pat and Kenneth on the other. The battle was hard fought but ended in victory for the Loyalist-Traitor desperate alliance.

All in all a fun night of gaming and we will definitely be doing this again.

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  1. Plasma Weapons ... Totally worth it. Not!